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The Dorrell Family
One family juggling to bring people to God’s family!


The Crazy Tie Guy, Nathan Dorrell and his family perform in order to share the Good News of Jesus.  Nathan, his wife and children perform feats of juggling, unicycling, stilt walking and more to share God’s love in a way that captivates their audiences!  Nathan holds the world record for juggling bowling balls underwater, juggling three glasses of water without spilling, juggling boomerangs over a live audience…and more!  He juggled on a 2017 Super Bowl commercial and has juggled for the Billy Graham crusades, on mission on 5 continents and even for the inauguration of a president!

They are great for: Children’s Church, VBS, Family nights and Family worship, Award Celebrations, AWANA programs, Fall Festivals, summer camp, Banquets and more!  Nathan is an ordained minister and seminary grad…let the Dorrells lead your church in an amazing unique creative worship experience!

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About the Dorrells

Nathan, Kathy and their family have shared Jesus around the world through the gifts God has given them.  The Dorrell family has given their lives to loving and serving the Lord full-time together.  Nathan holds several world records including 2 underwater bowling ball juggling world records and the record for juggling three glasses of water without spilling!  The bowling ball juggling record (done for Vacation Bible School) was on a super bowl commercial in 2017!  Nathan an Kathy married in 2000 and their journey in ministry began together.  Kathy’s first routine in their ministry presentations together was the story of Zacchaeus from Luke 19 using her Giant Chinese Yo-yo.  That was the beginning of a family ministry.  Graham was born in 2002 and soon became part of the show at 3 months old–balancing on Nathan’s hand and at 4yrs old began walking on stilts.  The Dorrell family is now 9 strong.  Each one has found their place in sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ!

Their family has several mission partnerships in the US and abroad.  Pray for their work with the Christian Baptist Church of Glowgow, Poland as well as the ministry & mission opportunities in the prison systems of Kentucky and Tennessee.

Nathan graduated SWBTS Fort Worth, TX in 2001 and was ordained at FBC Villa Rica, GA in 2005.
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Vacation Bible School

The Dorrells have some great presentations ready for 2018 VBS:

  1.  Sports Theme–we’ve got some incredible tennis, soccer and basketball juggling routines to share the gospel through sports mixed with Bible stories! We get kids on stage to demonstrate some of their sports skills AND have a speed puzzle contest with one child that shows that JESUS needs to be everything to us!    
  2. Shipwreck or Island Theme–God gave us a super incredible Island themed presentation of His Word to show what Heaven is like and the way into Heaven!  It’s packed with audience interaction and fun–and your audience will never forget the message.
  3. Time travel theme:  Let the Dorrell family present the Creation & fall through juggling.  As Adam and Eve enter the stage through puppets and juggling the kids will love this amazing creation to the cross presentation of the Gospel!…and they’ll never forget the flaming sword that flips in every direction to block the tree of life OR the fact that God wants to walk with them like Adam and Eve walked with God in a perfect place!
  4. ANY THEME!  We LOVE taking any theme and presenting the gospel.  From past VBS themes, we’ve made lots of Gospel presentations and videos.  One example–we set an underwater juggling world record for a VBS and made a video for it…and it landed on a Super Bowl commercial in 2017!  Unofficially, we do a lot of Group and Lifeway VBS’s but we can fit any theme and love doing it!  Just ask what we would do for your theme and I’ll give you a great idea of what we would do for you!

Call or text: 931-563-2330
Email Nathan and Kathy today!


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Upward® Award celebrations are one of our specialties! In 2018, we still promise that your families will have an incredible time with our show–and hear the gospel in a very clear way that can lead to a decision. We also promise that your ministers will enjoy the experience and the message! Our mission is to share the gospel in a fun way that people of all ages can see, hear, understand and experience God’s perfect plan through Jesus.

We do that through juggling, art, unicycling, stilt walking and more as we share The Good News.

Call or text: 931-563-2330

Email Nathan and Kathy today!