Ministry that is Powerful and Exciting

The Crazy Tie Guy--a ministry that is powerful and exciting

Do you need a ministry that’s powerful and exciting…a ministry that really grabs your audience’s attention and keeps them engaged while sharing the most important message of all time…the message of JESUS?  That’s what the Crazy Tie Guy and family is all about–sharing the message of Christ around the world while amazing all ages!  WE share the Gospel so that non-believers can have their eyes and hearts opened AND we help believers grow in their faith in amazing and fun ways!  Check out our videos to get a small idea about the big fun and the BIGGER impact we can make together for the Kingdom!

Every healthy church should have times where they emphasize fun for the whole family–and the Gospel!  Many Christian entertainers are less than exciting for the adults, others are more exciting for adults than kids–we have a great balance and our message and presentation are loved by all ages.  This is a juggling ministry for everyone–we are juggling kids and families to new heights of faith!  Our message is clear and effective!  Not only do we share the Gospel, but we also challenge your church to really grow in their faith!  It’s a ministry that is great for everyone!  Check out these videos to get a great idea of how we can make a BIG impact in your church and community!

Nathan is an ordained minister and world-record holding juggler.   He is a former president of the Christian Jugglers Association.  One of his VBS videos was purchased and used on a Super Bowl Commercial!  He juggled for the president during the inauguration and he has juggled in churches and ministries around the globe!  This is a ministry you don’t want to miss out on!

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Minsitry events

The Dorrells enjoy making your event an incredible success for the Kingdom of God!  Worship services, Family nights, Festivals, outreach, Children’s church, VBS, banquets, camps…all types of events where you want to reach children and families.

The Dorrells share the gospel extremely clearly and effectively–but they don’t stop at that.  The Dorrells also challenge your people to go out and share the gospel themselves that week…and they see about 80% agreeing to go do that.  During their presentations, they share through their juggling, unicycling and stilt walking.  Nathan also presents an amazing surprise artwork during the presentation.  These artworks not only amaze the eyes, but they share the gospel in a simple and amazing way.  Afterward, Nathan offers your people a pocket-sized version of that artwork if they will share with one person that week.  About 80% take these at the door–some going out to share their faith for the very first time.  Check out the videos so you can see a brief example.

VBS Entertainer

Vacation Bible school is more amazing when you have a really great, entertaining Gospel presentation during the week.  The Dorrells can share during your VBS kick-off, Family night, or VBS closing.  We always tie the theme into the presentation and try to share in a way that really fits the messages and stories the kids have heard during the week.

We also challenge VBS kids to go out and share their faith. We share in a way that they can really understand…and believers will realize how easy it is to go out and share their faith. One of the ways God has helped us enable others to share their faith is through the creative faith sharing tools He has given Nathan through his creative artwork. Check out some of the cool tools in our store–the Dorrell family gives one of these away free to everyone who is willing to share with one person that week! Imagine if you had kids saved during your VBS family night…and all your VBS kids went out and shared their faith that week! Your church will see fruit from working together with the Dorrell family!

Still wondering if it would be fun enough? One of Nathan’s juggling stunts for VBS…was put on a 2017 Super Bowl Commercial! Nathan holds official juggling world records! He won the INTERNATIONAL THREE BALL JUGGLING CHAMPIONSHIP! The Dorrell family has performed for an NBA half-time show for “family faith night”. The Crazy Tie Guy is here to be your church’s official minister of fun for the time he is with you! Nothing is more fun than enjoying the Gospel together as a church family!

Crazy Tie Guy and family for Vacation Bible School

Upward ® Entertainer

What we offer as Upward entertainers:

We do incredible Gospel entertainment for your Upward Award Celebration!  Upward ® award celebrations are amazing events geared to reach your families through your Upward® sports ministry at the end of the season!  We love helping churches reach these families with our unique presentations of the Gospel!  Our family shares the gospel throughout our juggling presentations, we don’t entertain and then share…by the time we have done our juggling the families have had fun and they now understand God’s plan for their life and have clearly seen the Gospel demonstrated and heard it shared clearly.  We don’t push people into decisions or prayers, we help their eyes and hearts be open so they can accept Jesus, as God leads them, and they can make Him the Lord of their life and we have a lot of fun while we do this!  This is what we consider the job of an Upward® Entertainer!

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Crazy Tie Guy--Upward Awards Celebration
performing for an Upward awards celebration

What makes us different from other Upward® entertainers:

We won’t just entertain your families and give them a feel good speech.  Don’t just get an entertainer and entertain your families at your awards night!  Use this opportunity for the Kingdom and have an evangelistic Christian entertainer!  The Dorrells will do an incredible job with your Upward Awards celebration!  A lot of entertainers just entertain and then say something nice about God at the end of their entertainment or quote Phil 4:13.  Nothing bad about that–but is that all you want?  We will give you SO MUCH MORE!  God has gifted our family to share the Gospel with a whole lot of fun for all ages!  Every age enjoys our time at your church AND every age goes away understanding God’s plan and His love for them!  Parents and kids will talk together about their time at your church and the message they heard from our family for months!  And some will give their lives to Jesus for the first time…others who were already believers will go out and share their faith for the first time because they really understand how to share the Good News after we’ve shared!  Your church doesn’t want to miss having the Dorrells for your Upward® Awards celebration!

Note:  I am not affiliated with Upward ® but am a recommended speaker/entertainer on their web site for churches using their program.



The above  are minsitry videos for ministers use to understand more about our ministry.  If you are looking for juggling instructional videos or giant Chinese yo-yo videos click on those links.

I also balloon the Bible…we make balloons and share Bible stories as we go.  Ballooning is something we do separate from our juggling shows and can be added on as a bonus to a stage show.  We can balloon after or before our Gospel juggling stage presentations at a Kids event, festival, or Easter outreach type event–we don’t balloon during our stage shows.  There is an extra cost for balloons if you want both.   We don’t bring balloons with us unless we’ve agreed to balloon at your event.



A few world record videos below: