“Amazing Mirror Messages–Reflecting The Truth” by Nathan Dorrell–A book with 65 messages that you can write with a dark sharpie marker on a piece of paper…and the amazing thing is–that the other side of the page will say something completely different! “1 Gate” says “Jesus” on the back from John 10:9…each artwork shares a Bible verse or message. Great to share with older kids and youth. $10

“Drawing Bible Stories with a Surprise for the Eyes” by Nathan Dorrell–A book with 27 Bible stories told with moderately simple artwork. Each artwork flips upside down to share the surprise at the end of the story: the word “Water” turns into “Wine”, The picture of the woman at the well story turns over to show a representation of Jesus face and body–arms open wide. The blind man’s face turns over and he can see! $12 (discount offered if you order both books)

Drawing Bible Stories