The Dorrells have been gifted by God to share in such a clear and complete way that people can really come to an understanding of the Gospel at your outreach AND feel that the experience at your church was incredible–connecting them to your church.  Block parties, banquets, Fall Festivals, Trunk or Treat Outreach, Award Celebrations, Family Outreach, Thanksgiving banquets…It shows that you care about your community when you bring in something incredible like the Dorrell’s ministry. And your staff has the peace of mind knowing that they are not having an event that won’t have an impact on people’s lives for the good of the Gospel! On average, we see many new families joining the church after a good outreach event.

Call or text: 931-563-2330  Email Nathan and Kathy today!

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We can bring our own sound system if needed…perform inside or outside–with a stage or without.  We can do walk-around at your event if needed to announce the “shows” where we will do our Gospel presentations.  Our goal is to make your outreach great by reaching as many people as possible for the Kingdom of God!