Revival/Multi-day events

The Dorrell family has a special ability that can be helpful in getting people to come to your church for your multi-day events. We have secular school programs that we use to go into the public schools in your area to invite the families of your community to your revival or other event. We have a special website for you to pass on to the public schools to offer our school program to them. The most popular times to do school programs are: early in the school year to kick the year off, Oct 31 week is Red Ribbon Week where all schools are doing anti-drug programs, December is a time to do Holiday/end of the semester celebrations, May is a great time for an end of the year school show. Of course schools love FREE programs when you offer to foot the bill for them. Our website for schools is: Just pass this to the teachers in your church and find out which schools are interested.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
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